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I hope to use this as a general Brain dump around topics I spend a bit of time with, or find undocumented anywhere else (Hopefully this content will be useful to others in the future).

Feel free to ask questions/post comments.

-Patrick (@squip88)

3 thoughts on “About Me / Contact Me

  1. good afternoon.. i came across your  post about extending ad Schema for 2010 exchange for office 365.  would this still be a good option now would i want to go to 2013 exchange schema?


    my setup:  we migrated form exchange 2003.  so i have some of the mail attributes but not all.

    my domain controllers are 2008 r2.  thanks.


    • Hi Justin,

      There shouldn’t be much difference (if any) with the two schema’s – 2010 will be just fine if that’s all you have.


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